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That may be so, but some of them out here ‘paid’ a security deposit. Used to be, when I rented, First and last, and a security deposit of something in the region of $150.00 (Yes, it was in the 70’s) Now, it is first and the deposit is about equal to the rent. Cheapest I found when looking for the heck of it a few months ago was $1,250.00 ‘Deposit’ on a rental for $1,300.00 monthly.

Either way, I have no family left so if I have a cc parked in my freezer or something, so mote it be. Not everyone wants to do this, but I like to think I learned my lesson about spending. Usually I go cash for things, only using a check card online for the edison company. All other bills and groceries is mainly cash from our roommate’s rent, my paychecks and thomas’ paychecks.

Anyway, that whole thing is down to an individual, and I shouldn’t be made to feel ‘wrong’ if I do something unlike someone else. I think everyone needs to find what works for them. What works for me probably won’t do much for you. You pay cash for stuff and leave the cc at home. I take my cc with me and leave the cash at home. If there’s cash in my pocket or wallet I’ll spend it all before getting home again. But with the card I’m a lot more careful. Also my cc has a $200 limit so I keep real close watch on how much I spend with it. This works for me but it wouldn’t work for other people. (I also pay off the card every month.)

In San Francisco, it’s the law that the landlord has to pay interest on the security deposit. Even though I own a house and may soon have income property, I loathe landlords as I worked 24 years for a guy who inherited a data processing company from his mother. Instead of paying decent wages, retirement and medical, he pocketed ALL the money and bought himself apartment units in the City and expensive cars.

I hope that I didn’t make you feel that way. It was never my intention. But, as stated before, I cannot justify taking on another bill that I may not be able to pay when it came time to do so. I am lucky enough to have a couple of family member’s that I could borrow from, if the need arose, but I try not to borrow from family (lasting results from previous loans). My family knows that when I have to borrow, which is always the last and final option, that I will pay them back large sum debts with income tax refund. Most don’t mind, and I thought others didn’t either until last year…..

Anyway, borrowing has caused unnecessary problems with me and one other family member, and I have made the decision not to borrow from them again. I will pay them back the minute amount that I owe with a smile next month, and be done with it.

I do see, maybe, a little justification in keeping a card, but not if I can’t pay the card off at the end of every month. Then, if the kids were to get ahold of it, I would be in so much trouble! I have been trying very hard to get out of debt, and know that I would create more for myself with a card. I have learned exactly what I can afford, what, to the penny I can spend at what business, basically to make sure I have at least 20.00 left until the next Friday. That is not to say I don’t splurge on occasion, because I do, but that just means no unnecessary trips the next week because I drive a suburban that takes lots and lots of gas.

Thanks for your input, and again, I hope that I am not the one who made you feel like you were “wrong”.

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