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New to the blog with a question


Hello Everyone.

I’ve been reading the advise given by everyone and it’s been very helpful. I have a question I hope that the blog can help me with:

Several years ago (about 6 or 7), I considered filing bankruptcy (Chapt 13). I even went so far as to visit and attorney and have him get the process started. Shortly after starting the process, I got a job with better income and figured that I would pay my debt off myself, so I ended the Chapt 13.

The attorney began the paperwork and got everything filed, but I never made one single Chapt 13 payment. However, it is now reflected on my credit report that I filed Bankruptcy. I’ve disputed this with all 3 credit bureaus, but they refuse to remove it. Is there anything else that I can do to get this off of my credit report?

Also, in regards to disputes, I’ve been disputing several things on my credit report for more than a year, EVEN after providing back up documents to the credit bureaus, and they still refuse to remove them. So disputes DO NOT always work. I’m living proof.

Isn’t there some 30 day rule? IF you can prove that something is wrong you write the company, via certified mail, then in 30 days if they don’t respond, the account is totally removed? Anyone done this? I don’t know the details.

I know I recently read/heard this, look on the FTC web site maybe you’ll find it there. I’ll see if I can find the info here. Hope that was some help.