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Many thanks to everyone who responded to me


Many thanks to everyone who responded to me, both on the list and off-list….I really appreciate all of your feedback. I’m hoping, this weekend, to sit down with my husband and make some decisions about what direction we can take and how much we can reduce our household costs.

I wish you lots of luck with talking to your husband. Take the approach about how he is needed and that the family appreciates all he does and most of all you need his help to fight this battle of getting out of debt with you… and not fight against it. And mostly re-assure him that times may be tight and a little tough for a while but it’s only temporary. If he tries to turn it into a fight, just stay calm and relaxed- don’t give in to it.

It may also be the best idea to find a way for your kids to be occupied fully – maybe with a relative or babysitter, who won’t disturb your talk and stay out of the room where you plan to discuss the financial decisions together. If someone else is there too, watching the kids, the temptation for him to raise his voice will less, as he may not want them to over hear anything.

Many of us, including myself realized that making sacrifices to get out of debt ended up being worth it in the long run, because the freedom from not being in debt anymore is better than all that “STUFF” you fear parting with at the beginning. It’s very true.